Nissan xStorage home battery– sell energy back to the grid

Nissan unveiled some pretty big news last week when they announced the release of xStorage; an energy storage system for the home that uses recycled car batteries. And it didn’t stop there; they also announced plans for a trial in the UK that will allow electric vehicle owners to sell power back to the grid.​ 

Turn over a new Leaf

The vehicle-to-grid (V2G) trial will be the first of its kind in the UK. 100 V2G units will be installed throughout the UK for the trial. Owners of the Nissan LEAF car and e-NV200 electric van will be able to plug their vehicles in and sell stored energy back to the National Grid.

This is welcome news to owners of electric cars in the UK, and a big step forward in the race to find smarter energy solutions for a more sustainable future. In fact, research has shown that if all of the 18,000 electric Nissan LEAFs in the UK were connected, they would provide the same amount of power as generated by two power plants.

The self-sustaining fuel station

Nissan also unveiled its Fuel Station of the Future concept, which explored how their Leaf vehicles and xStorage batteries could potentially generate power to both homes and offices, whilst giving energy back to the grid.

The xStorage device charges itself with renewable energy from solar panels or similar renewable sources and can even use energy from the grid when it’s at its cheapest. It then releases this energy to power the house.

Each xStorage is made out of and powered by 12 recycled batteries from Nissan Leaf electric cars. This then connects to a residential power supply. It’s predicted that users of xStorage could generate up to £6,000 of income over the next decade by selling power back to the grid. xStorage costs £3,000 and will be available to pre-order from September.

The future is green

Nissan’s V2G scheme builds on an earlier trial in Norway, which involved just 40 vehicles at the start of the year. Nissan predicts that V2G technology will alleviate pressure on the UK National Grid during peak times. It's timing couldn't be better, since the grid is currently being stretched to record levels after the closure of several coal-fired power stations.

With the emergence of more electric vehicles, smart grid systems, and battery technologies, the future certainly looks good for owners of the electric car.

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