As the new year has just started, it’s a good time to start thinking about new cars. And if you’re looking for a new small car, you're in luck as the new Nissan Micra has just been released. From the modern design to the impressive agility, the new Micra certainly ticks a lot of boxes. Here are just five reasons why it could be a strong contender for your next vehicle: 


The new Nissan Micra has been designed to break the mould and has a personality all of its own. Combining daring design with a sleek exterior, the Micra Gen5, fifth generation of its kind, is a cut above the rest. With its sporty lines to its spacious and sleek interior, this car is a true testament to Nissan's wonderful design skills. 


Renowned for its safety features, the new Micra boasts Nissan's Intelligent Mobility feature which acts like a sixth sense for you on the road. By monitoring your vehicle and your surroundings, the system is able to anticipate unpredictable situations in order to protect you.


From the clean lines of the dashboard to the high quality materials and smart controls, it doesn't get much more comfortable than this. Plus, with the option for ergonomic anti-fatigue seats, the new Nissan Micra has been designed with your comfort in mind.


With over a hundred different style configurations, the new Micra allows you to break away from convention and make statement. You can really show your personality with the endless colour options available.


The manoeuvrability and smoothness of the Micra will win you over in a heartbeat. Due to it’s rigid body structure, low driving position and impressive technology, you'll benefit from responsive steering and motion control. All of these elements combined with the exceptional safety features will give you an exciting driving experience to remember.

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