Recently, we've been looking to the past and fondly reminiscing about our heritage and the history of some of our best loved vehicles in celebration of our 50th birthday at Newtown Motors. However, today we're excitedly looking at the future; it's time for us to delve into details about Vauxhall OnStar.

With self-driving cars now a reality, it's fair to say that technology has to do a lot to impress our generation! Yet, OnStar certainly piques the interest of motoring enthusiasts and even seasoned car lovers like ourselves are suitably impressed. OnStar has so many nifty features that we could talk about it for days, so we've managed to whittle the list down to include some of our personal highlights.

The smartphone app

As Apple have always said, whatever you want to do, there's an app for that! And that couldn't be more true with OnStar. It sounds so simple, yet the handy little app is like having your own mini-mechanic in your pocket. Displaying everything from your tyre pressure to your oil and fuel levels, the OnStar app will help you get to know your car inside and out.

Thief proof

When you've fallen in love with OnStar, the last thing you want is for it to get stolen by somebody else! Fortunately, the clever GPS system will confirm your car's location to police when you've reported it stolen. The system can even deactivate the ignition and immobilise the engine to make it easier for the authorities to find!

Safety first

We've always said that the Vauxhall is a family-friendly car, and the safety features of OnStar further reinforce that. If you crash your car and are unable to call for help, Vauxhall OnStar will respond on your behalf. The moment your airbag inflates, Automatic Crash Response will open a direct line to an OnStar advisor to check in on you via speakerphone. It'll also send a report to our Service Centre giving a detailed analysis of the damage and details of your vehicle and location. If your vehicle warrants it, OnStar will even make sure the emergency services are informed so that they can get to you quickly.

If you want to talk to someone about Vauxhall OnStar, get in touch with our team today