5 Reasons to buy a Nissan X-Trail

Buying a new car can be a tricky choice with so many great options available. As such, we like to make it easier for you by compiling just five highlights of various cars. This month, we’re taking a look at the five things that make the Nissan X-Trail stand out from the crowd.

Premium comfort

Luxury is combined with comfort to create a high-quality, enjoyable driving environment. With plenty of room, the option to add a third row of seats and a Power Panoramic Moonroof with a theatre view, the X-Trail gives both the driver and passengers the ultimate in-car experience.


The powerful 2.0L dCi 177 engine provides more torque and more acceleration to the vehicle. It's the perfect car for those who love adventure but want all the safety features you could ever need from a family car.


The Nissan X-Trail 4x4 is loaded with the latest technology and features which makes it the perfect vehicle for your family adventures. Whether it's keeping the children entertained and connected or managing you playlists, you'll never be bored again on those long journeys. 


We could all do with an extra pair of eyes on the road for maximum safety and that’s exactly what you get with the X-Trail. With built-in radars and clever cameras, you can relax and enjoy the driving experience with the peace of mind of knowing that your safety matters. 


Boasting heaps of technology and premium features, the X Trail has been built with adventure at its heart.

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